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Courses & Fees

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Certificate in Film making - Process & Development

Film making involves the employment of a large number of people and, at times, it has taken several years to complete. This is dependent upon the complexity of the subject, and the problems that come up while film making. Film Making is the process of making a film form a story idea you have yourself or being hired by another to make a film . A film maker is in charge of script writing, shooting, editing and distribution of public.

Fees: Rs. 1,50,000/-
(Registration Fees : 10000, Tuition Fees : 100000, Equipment Fees: 40000)
Duration: 3 Months
Total Seats - 20

Course content
• Development
• Step outline to final draft
• Pre-production
• Acting & Directing actors
• Scene Preparation
• Production Design
• Scouting Locations
• Production
• From Screenplay to Shooting Script
• Camera & Sound Essentials
• Continuity & Project Management
• Post –Production
• Key principles of Editing
• From First Assembly to Fine Cut
• Working with Music

Introduction to camera, Basic Optics, Basics of Camera, Functions of Camera, How to Shoot, Filters, Lenses, Controls of Camera, Use of Tripod, Shots, Framing, Focusing, Camera Movements, Shooting for Editing, ENG shooting, Fiction Shooting, Camera Angles, Creative Photography, How to Develop Shots and Scenes, Role of Lighting in Cinematography

Other Activities
• 5 nos. of selected feature films will be screened and discussed.
• About 2 nos. of practical sessions which involve lighting practice and operation of video and movie cameras will be conducted.
• Each student will be given the opportunity to work as an assistant on a movie project of Molad Group

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Certificate in Acting

This practical course explores acting applicable to both theater and film. Student will start with basic ensemble acting exercises and projects, progressively integrating more complex principles. Students will practice approaches to developing a character and analyzing text. Actors will train in the basics of naturalist acting technique such as pursuing an objective, breaking scenes into beats. Playing actions, and overcoming obstacles.

Fees: Rs. 1,00,000/-
(Registration Fees : 10000, Tuition Fees : 600000, Properties Fees: 30000)
Duration: 3 Months
Total Seats - 20

Course content
• Vocal Projection
• Clarity of Speech
• Physical Expressivity
• Emotional Facility
• Voice Modulation
• Face Expression
• Ability to Interpret Drama
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Mono Acting
• Camera Facing
• Breathing
• Well-Development Imagination
• Posture
• Body Language
• Synergy
• Marketing
• Blocking & Focus Etc.

Special Features
• Free Portfolio
• 3 Theatre Plays +1 Short Films for each students (which will be present in international film festival)
• 5 year free membership for TFI Theater Group

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Certificate in Script & Screenplay Writing

This course is design for anyone wanting to write a script for film or TV. You don’t need any prior experience-just a burning desire to tell a story with pictures. On completing the course writers should have all the writing tools they need to complete a compelling and engaging 1st draft of their chosen script.

Fees: Rs. 1,00,000/-
(Registration Fees : 10000, Tuition Fees : 70000, Properties Fees: 20000)
Duration: 3 Months
Total Seats - 20

Course content
• Step Outline
• Presentation Treatment
• Writing on Spec or Assignment
• Transcripts
• Screenplay (Film –Television)
• Physical Format
• Formatting with Final Draft & Movie Music
• Cinematic Description
• Dialogue
• Scene Analysis
• Redrafting Process

OSpecial Features
Before the course starts, student will watch a brief video introduction from the tutor and get to know your fellow writers in our class’s dedicated area in the word cloud. You’ll e invited to think about some of your inspirations and purposes in writing.

Projects works involve story telling using still visuals, Storytelling using video visuals and guided short film production using 35 mm Motion Picture Camera and movie film. Formatting with draft & movie music